No School on Memorial Day for UCPS

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    Union County Public Schools (Monroe, NC)
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    Residents of Union County, NC with school-aged children.
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We do not our children, our teachers or our families to have to give up our Memorial Day Holiday because the Union County Public Schools cannot make a common sense decision. Make up our "snow day" at the end of the school year, not on a holiday weekend that most American's look forward to (and many of whom plan weekend getaways.)

We're sure that attendance will be next to nothing if UCPS decides to make up a snow day on Memorial Day, a FEDERAL holiday in which a majority have time off. Why have our teachers, bus drivers & support staff attend school on a day when it will look like a veritable ghost town?

Have some common sense Board members of UCPS, make-up the snow day at the end of the school year.