Bring back Gerald Harris to the UFC

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To Dana White, Frank, and Lorenzo Fertitta:

Please reconsider your decision to release Gerald Harris from the UFC. Prior to fighting his opponent Maiquel Falcao, Harris was on a ten fight winning streak with nine of them ending in a finish. In Geralds four fights in the UFC, he has earned himself two knockout of the night awards. Most fans would agree with me in saying that Gerald is a very exciting fighter. Even with twenty career fights under his belt I believe that he can create many more memorable moments in the world of MMA, and could even one day be a threat in the Middleweight division if given the chance. In a world full of lay and pray wrestling, Gerald Harris provides us with explosive take downs, aggressive ground game, and of course BIG slams. Not to mention he isnt afraid to strike it out either. As a favor to the fans that help pay the bills of your organization and fighters, bring back Gerald Harris. It isnt the end of the world if he doesnt fight in the UFC, but this man didnt deserved to get cut from one loss.