Support the White House "We, the People" Petition on Bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom to UFO-coverup Whistleblowers!

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    Larry W. Bryant
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    President of the United States
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PREAMBLE: A brand-new pro-disclosure UFO-related citizens petition is being submitted to the White House's web site hosting such grassroots activism -- the "We, the People" petition site. The new petition bears the title "Bestow the Presidential Medal of Freedom upon Declared UFO-coverup Whistleblowers"; its direct link will be posed shortly in the updates section of this complementary petition. For periodic updates on the WH petition's progress, see . BACKGROUND: Meanwhile, here's the text of the White House submission: "Because of their publicly coming forward with grand-jury-styled testimonial evidence of various federal agencies' deliberate concealment of UFO-related information, the following persons merit being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom: " -- John J. Callahan (former official with the U. S. Federal Aviation Administration); " -- James Penniston (former sergeant with the U. S. Air Force); "-- Charles I. Halt (retired USAF lieutenant colonel). "In 2007, at a press conference in Washington, D.C.'s National Press Club, these brave men (among an international panel) risked the wrath and ridicule too often directed against UFO witnesses and against any government insiders convinced that the public deserves the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about UFO reality. Their aggregate story now is preserved in journalist Leslie Kean's 2010 book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. "By alerting us to the scope, seriousness, and implications of the worldwide UFO problem, these men's personal accounts serve as an indictment against a public policy lacking in both realism and fairness. Their receipt of the Presidential Medal of Freedom would not only create an incentive for emergence of additional whistleblowers but also would help reassure the public that no government has the authority to deny full public access to the Deepest Secret -- i.e., the reason why certain agencies have chosen to suppress, for seven decades, official evidence of UFO reality. "Note: Readers desiring to post their supportive comments about this petition may do so at the following link: -- which echoes the growing international vox populi on ending official UFO secrecy." TEXT OF THE PETITION-ONLINE PETITION: WHEREAS, the White House-based petition offers signature space but no space for adding signatories' supportive comments; WHEREAS, this complementary petition can multiply the overall positive force for compelling a timely, comprehensive end to official UFO secrecy; and WHEREAS, the whistleblowers identified in the petition -- and their successors -- deserve to be officially honored and protected in their daring to perform their vital public service of exposing (and speaking out on) governmental wrongdoing -- WE, the undersigned citizens of Earth, do hereby endorse the White House-based petition and encourage all concerned persons to add their signatures to it.