To: Star Plus And Rajshri Productions Ltd.

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To: Star Plus And Rajshri Productions Ltd.

Recent news of that STAR PLUS is taking off the serial Pyaar ke do naam..ek Radha Ek Shyam left us shocked, worried n aghast please do not break several hearts across the world .

PKDN has thousands of fans and most of them would like to call it "their life". PKDN helped us to remain attached with our routes, it also helped us to understand the eternal love of Krishna and Radha .We have seen in the past that many shows have been given enough time to better their TRp"s then why not PKDN We know that there is room of improvement and its getting better every day and if other shows can be given time then why not Pyaar ke do naam ..Ek Radha..Ek Shyam.

It will be immensely unfair to all its loyal fans, more so because we haven't been provided with ANY CLEAR JUSTIFICATION. PKDN may not be generating TRP's or sponsors but sometime one should look beyond it and try to understand millions of people's feelings.

If Star Plus really thinks that Pyaar ke do naam..Ek.Radha..Ek Shyam is taking up a prime slot and it doesnt deserve it , it can very well be shifted to another timing but it is completely unfair to abruptly end the serial in the middle. As there is soo much is yet left to be told. Please do not decide any serial Fate by giving it just 5-6 months while others have be given lot more time than this.

PKDN cannot end so soon as there is lots to be happen on the show, WE ALL LOVE IT WITH OUR HEART AND SOUL AND WE WANT PKDN TO STAY!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, a Message to all PKDN Fans.

Do not Lose your Hope.Remember Rebelde means Rebel. If not by request, even by protest or by fighting we can get back PKDN.