Bring Back Um Bongo

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    The UK Supermarkets
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    Consumers of Um Bongo and the Nermie Army
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To any store that does not maintain stock numbers of "Um Bongo"...

We, the users of YouTube and consumers of "Um Bongo", a delicious drink, hereby declare that we are outraged. We are outraged at the UK's large supermarkets not stocking our delicious drink and we, the Nermie Army and other associated groups are campaigning to relieve the UK of their "Um Bongo" thirst, to relieve them from the oppression that is causing us so much tastelessness.

It does not matter where you are from, if you feel the pain of UK citizens because we do not hold our beloved "Um Bongo", sign below and help our cause.

Sign below and spread the word,
"Um Bongo" will once again be drunk in the Congo.