Our Forefathers, State Rights, Secession and Big Government

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These United States formed a govenment in 1788-89 based on a contract between the people of the various States. Our union was voluntary, and each State decided for itself, and itself alone, to become a party to this contract. This was the position consistently held by the Southern States. When they left the union in 1860-61, they were opposed by Lincoln and the Republican Party, who invaded the South rather than acknowledge that a State has the right to secede. Unfortunately, our Confederate ancestors were defeated and brutally forced to return to what became an involuntary "union." In fact, after 1865 the United States became a "Consolidated Nation-State," the very thing that the Founding Fathers dreaded most. By signing this petition and leaving your comments, you will be voicing your support for the South's right--then and now--to secede from the current regime and to form its own government or governments as free men and women. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this poll.

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