UPN Network to Save Angel

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"He's Angel. He's good. And he helps the helpless and now, he's one of them." - Cordy, To Shanshu in LA

To the UPN network:

Looks like you might be having a little case of deja vu... Angel is now in it's fifth season and it was announced so suddenly after celebrating 100 exciting episodes, that this season would be its last. It seems almost like yesterday that Buffy was in its fifth season and cancelled by the WB, but lucky enough to be picked up by a very generous UPN. Now, we're asking that you do the honors of picking up Angel for a sixth season like you did Buffy.

Fans all around the world are deeply saddened, angry, disappointed and shocked that Angel is cancelled. Why would a network not want this show? Afterall anyone who ever watched the series, could see something special in each story it tells. It has exciting action, creative and clever ideas, witty humor, it's suspenseful and has a great cast, among other things. Joss Whedon has a wacky, but awesome way of getting his stories out there. He also knows when to listen to what fans want and when to do what's best for the show. He also happens to do a great job at making viewers feel for the characters. More importantly... he leaves you wanting more. Wanting more is just what we're all going to crave when this amazing show ends!

So please, UPN! It's time for you to help save Angel from defeat! You save Buffy once, now you can do the same for Angel.