University of Washington Dissection Alternatives

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    Directors of the Univ. of WA Zoology and Biology Departments
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    members of Human Earth Animal Liberation
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We, the undersigned, demand that the University of Washington Zoology and Biology Departments create an official amendment, to their department policies' statements and rules, requiring all classes, in which lab work involving the use of living or dead nonhuman animals is required, be required to include in the syllabi for the classes an animal-free alternative for all students who are opposed to using nonhuman animals for any reason. The amendment will require all professors to offer alternatives that will not adversely effect the grade or success of the students who choose an alternative to nonhuman animal use. The amendment will also require all professors to openly offer said alternative in written form via the class syllabi as well as oral form prior to the onset of any lab exercise in which nonhuman animals will be used. Let it be so.