Long Live Uwe Boll

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We, the undersigned, believe that Uwe Boll must not under any circumstances be forbidden from making screen versions of the videogames. Cause herr Boll is the kind of genius. May be an evil one, but still a genius. His films can be blamed for bad photography, terrible acting, stupid script and other sins, but you cannot take away one thing masterpieces of Uwe Boll always (almost always) give us hour and a half or two of healthy, cheerful, rollicking laugh. And it as you know is good for the length of life.

Finally, outrageously bad adaptation is always better than mediocre adaptation, and in this sense Uwe have never failed us. So let the favourite of all the devoted moviegoers with the sense of humour not only lives and prospers, but will continue in bringing us joy with his works.

In the name of House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, Dungeon Siege, Postal, Far Cry and others.