Veronica Mars Direct to DVD

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    Joel Silver and Rob Thomas
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    Members of Neptune Rising
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To: Joel Silver and Rob Thomas,

The day the axe fell on Veronica Mars was the day our hearts were broken because we are not your regular casual TV viewers flipping from channel to channel. We are Veronica Mars fans, the most dedicated fans you will ever come across and when Veronica was taken away a part of us was gone too. Although Veronica was unceremoniously declared over by the CW, we feel a chance lingers that Veronica may be revitalized in a different formDirect to DVD.

The fans have proven that we can move DVD box sets and are still on Amazons Best Sellers list, and at times have made it to number one in TV Drama series. Having over 3 million dedicated fans in the US and millions more world wide will guarantee success for a Direct to DVD movie of Veronica Mars and will let the Veronica Mars Fans of the world exhale again knowing that there is more awaiting our heroine apart from a lonely walk in the rain.

We the undersigned, petition you to take it upon yourselves to give Veronica the chance to continue her unfinished story that she so utterly deserves to tell and consider Veronica Mars Direct to DVD movies.