Veronica Mars movie

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    Rob Thomas, the cast of Veronica Mars, Joel Silver, and Warner Brothers Studios,
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Veronica Mars fans are some of most dedicated fans out there and we are willing to do whatever is necessary to keep the story going. We've been fighting and campaigning for the show since day one, and our support will never waiver. We aren't ready to give up on Veronica Mars and we don't plan on it any time soon.
A comic is a great way to continue the story, but Veronica Mars just won't be the same with out the actors we've come to know and love as our favorite characters and in general. The fans will definitely embrace the comics, but what we really want is a movie. And if any show is worthy of a movie, Veronica Mars is it. Since the show was so rudely and abruptly taken from us, a movie seems to be a fitting way to tie up all the loose ends and to give the dedicated fans an ending to remember.
If our four day campaign can raise more than $2900 in funds and thousands more for Mars bars and marshmallows, think about what a movie could generate. Veronica Mars has millions of fans out there that are willing to promote, advertise, and monetarily support the show. And we are more than willing to do this if there were to be a movie made.
Whatever is decided, the fans of Veronica Mars would like to thank Rob Thomas, the cast, and everyone else involved with the show, for an amazing three years. Whether we've been there since the beginning or just getting into the show, the show has meant a lot to us and we are truly grateful.