Bring VoIP to the PDA

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    VoIP Software Providers (i.e. Skype)
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    Jason Berlinsky
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We, the undersigned, are irritated by the lack of a VoIP solution for Palm-brand PDAs.

On May 21, 2005, an article appeared on the GigaOM blog (article: stating that the CEO of XTen, a VoIP softphone provider, is considering porting its free Windows/Mac/Linux softphone to the PSP platform. As quoted from this site, a post made by the author of this petition:

"How about we get a port for the Palm OS first? It really pisses me off how there is no version of ... Skype or any other VoIP smartphone for Palm OS, whereas they are abundant in Pocket PCs. The last time I checked, more people had Palm PDAs than PSPs, so why not appeal to the masses? Most of the people with a PSP are teenagers, and they already have a cellular phone. In addition, odds are that none of them know how to use the embedded WiFi. This makes a softphone VoIP solution for the PSP a highly underused application in the future, and will be a bad business decision for XTen."

This is the general feeling in the Palm OS community.

We urge that the development of VoIP for the Palm OS not be superseded by that of any lesser platform.

We urge that the developers of VoIP solutions, including, but not limited to, Skype and XTen, attempt to develop a port of their software to the Palm OS.

We urge that said programs and/or services be free of charge for basic VoIP, such as that which Skype provides for desktop PCs, without the use of "Skype-Out minutes" and the like.