A Formal Request To Extend The Hours To Hunt Turkeys In Vermont In The Spring

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    Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board, Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department
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To the State of Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board
A Formal Request to extend the hours for hunting turkeys in the spring in the State of Vermont

We the undersigned, respectfully request that the hours currently allowed to hunt turkeys in the spring in Vermont be changed from the current hours of one half hour before sunrise until noon to be changed to one half hour before sunrise until six p.m. We recognize that the current time allowing one to hunt turkeys is based upon an older scientific concept and that new studies have shown that allowing the hunter more hours to hunt in the spring will not affect reproduction and that there is not a biological reason to prevent the expansion of hours. New research compiled by the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife, the National Wild Turkey Federation, the Ontario Minestry of Natural Resources, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission have all determined the following items about extending the hunting hours of spring turkeys from a traditional noon closing until early evening:

1)The influence of an all day turkey hunt on adult gobbler mortality is relatively minor.

2) Youths are more likely to take up the sport of turkey hunting thanks to the extra hours available to them.

3) A higher percentage of adult gobblers comprise the annual harvest. This could be attributed to the extra hours available to the hunter, who feels less pressure to tag the first legal bird that they see.

4) A larger overall average harvested bird. By passing on juvenile birds, hunters are helping to create an older population of male turkeys.

5) Research has proven that nesting reproduction is not affected by an all day hunt.

6) A better hunting experience. By extending the hours to hunt turkey into the afternoon, more people that would hunt in the morning can now enjoy a more relaxed hunt by having the option to decide when they wish to hunt, thereby reducing the stress created by having a noon deadline.

7) A safer experience. By allowing hunters more hours to hunt, there will be less hunters in the woods at any one time. Fewer hunters in the woods at any one time will result in less opportunity for hunting accidents to occur.

8) By extending the hours to hunt, more in state and out of state hunters are likely to buy a license to hunt in Vermont. Those in state workers that need to be to work too early to hunt may now be inclined to buy a tag, partaking in the hunt after work hours.

These are just some of the reasons that support the extending of hours to hunt turkeys in the spring on Vermont from a traditional noon closing until an evening closing. Please direct any questions or responses to:

Pat Rayta
20 hooker ave,
Barre VT 05641
802 476-3048
[email protected]
NWTF member