Improve Customer Service and Support for Owners of the Isuzu Vehicross 1999-2001

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    Isuzu of America
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    Owners of the Isuzu Vehicross
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We the owners of the Isuzu Vehicross, have organized this petition in order to:

1) Formally request Isuzu of America to use its influence to improve the quality of customer service currently provided by its dealers.
2) Seek recognition of common defects of the Vehicross by Isuzu of America and its dealers.
3) Seek satisfactory resolutions for all of these common defects.

While a small number of dealers have been very accommodating in providing resolutions to these common problems, it seems that a great number of us are very frustrated with our local dealers and are fast becoming disillusioned with the value of the Isuzu brand.

When attempting to have these common defects repaired under warranty, a lot of us have been told that such well-known defects are in fact uncommon. Some of these dealers have settled the warranty claims reluctantly after several stressful visits by the owners. Others have flat out refused to honor the factory warranty policy. Dealers don't seem to be knowledgeable enough about the '99-'01 Vehicross and seem oblivious to the common defects it suffers. Some owners have contacted Isuzu of America and received little to no assistance in resolving their problems. These problems range from cracking hood inserts complete failure of the power window regulators.

To see a listing of common defects and accounts of encounters with dealers, as experienced by some owners... Please click this link.

We love our Isuzus and we would love to see the Isuzu brand thrive in America once again. We would like to continue to lend our support and enthusiasm for the Isuzu brand, but we need better customer service and we would like to have our beloved Vehicrosses repaired. Please help us.