W810i hiss and digital distortion problem

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This is a petition for every w810i user who has the hissing problem on their 'Walkman' branded phones. More specifically the following:

"Sony Ericsson acknowledges an audible hiss which can be heard in the background of any audio track played on the phone's media player. This background noise increases as the volume of the player is decreased through either the unit's volume control or during quiet sections of an audio track. This hiss was introduced by a firmware update to the unit, that ironically, was created to address distortions in audio quality when an audio track was played with loud volume. Sony Ericsson's customer support has stated that they will not fix the audible hiss problem.

One analysis of the noise concluded that Sony Ericsson's firmware update set the DAC analog output permanently to high, and varying volume by adjusting the digital source strength before it is converted to analog. Thus, the constant hiss is from the unit's analog amplifier."

(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Ericsson_W810#Known_Issues)

This problem is explained into detail here:


In a list, the following problems need to be addressed:

- a clearly audible hiss at low volume when playing music

- cracking and popping when switching tracks

The fact that they will not fix this problem is simply unacceptable. I, as a paying customer feel left out in the cold and I feel a petition like this is the best way to reach SE and make them aware of this problem, and that it DOES need fixing.