The Fans for the Original GI Ho

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We, the fans, would like the original GI Ho, aka Amber, to return to Dangerous Women of Wrestling and Women's Extreme Wrestling. We are tired of having our intelligence insulted by having generic GI Ho's taking her place on WEW programing and making a joke out of the name she has built up over the years. Currently we are stuck watching a woman with little to no wrestling experience fixing her top in the ring when she should be more concerned with what she is being paid to do, and that is wrestling.

The original GI Ho was a hero we all loved. She had heart, determination, a look like no other woman was able to possess. GI Ho also had charisma, skills and a drive to entertain every single person in the audience. She never left a fan upset and she always did everything with a smile. Since she left the company, we have seen Dawn Mae and Rezz mock GI Ho. This is a huge insult to the original Hardcore Hero and the fans now want to be heard.

By signing this petition, the fans are asking that the Original GI Ho be reinstated with Dangerous Women of Wrestling and Women's Extreme Wrestling. I, Sha Boland, have been informed from the owner of Women's Extreme Wrestling, Dan Kowal, that if I can gather 500 signatures from fans that would like to see the beautiful, ORIGINAL, GI Ho back in the ring, he will rehire her.