Send American Idol William Hung to Hollywood!

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Fox was teasing us since last friday. Like many that I have talked to, it was a wait too long to bear. Then he finally came, William Hung, appropriately in the final minute of the show. Along to the tune of Ricky Martin's 'she bangs', 2 full minutes of absolute hiliarity ensued.

"you can't sing, you can't dance, so what are you going to say?"

Asked Simon Cowell, mercilessly, as Paula and Randy shook their heads in disbelief.

"I already gave my best, and thus I have no regrets at all."

William Hung answered.

"That's the best attitude yet." Paula praised him, as he further tried to explain his mediocrity,

"you know, I have no professional training of singing..."

and left the audition thanking the judges, with backpack on his shoulder, most likely headed to the library.

After I have laughed myself out, sense of guilt crept in. Unlike most contestants on American Idol who scream, deny, and are oblivious to their own inept abilities, this guy was genuine, gave it his best however misguided the effort, and at the end, took it like a man. Who was I, no, who were we to laugh at him for? [except his priceless, and timeless 9:1 hairstyle, LOL] IMO, on Tuesday night, he reminded and perhaps taught us a few lessons on life. It seems I'm not the only person with such sentiments, if query on google and messageboards are any indications.

so I propose, why not send him to Hollywood? Wouldnt it be something to see this guy on American Idol again, perhaps as a correspondent? This is not unprecendented, it had been done before, to my memory. Without argument he is the most famous idol contestant, at least for current iteration. It will be fitting, not to mention a great gesture on part of Fox and the producers of the show.

Let's send William Hung to Hollywood