Fix the MacBook Whine

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    Apple Computer, Inc.
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We the undersigned demand that Apple Computer, Inc. formally acknowledge and fix the "whine" flaw in its MacBook Pro line of portable computers, and do so in a timely manner.

This issue has been recognized and documented by hundreds of customers on Apple's support forums and elsewhere. It is not a noise that is in any way "acceptable" or "within tolerable limits;" it is a clear and audible design flaw, one that is at best a distraction and at worst damaging to those customers who use their MacBook for professional audio and video work.

The prevalence of this flaw is no excuse; a problem is not to be ignored simply because it is widespread. Further, there are several software-based workarounds for the "whine" which, while not tenable long-term solutions by any stretch, demonstrate that there is a difference between a MacBook in its "whining" state and not. Most commonly, enabling the built-in video camera causes the noise to cease, at which point any subsequent fan noise is within tolerable limits.

A solution, be it a Software Update or recall of flawed MacBooks, needs to be announced before Apple engenders further ill will in its loyal customers. As well, improved quality control standards should be considered. Issues like the "whine," while not total operational defects, ruin the "Apple experience" that many have come to expect and recommend.

Please, Apple: do right by your customers. Fix the whine, and fix it soon.