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    the Return Of The Jets campaign
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This petition is directed at the members of the True North Centre project, the City of Winnipeg, The National Hockey League and to those with large financial abilities. Winnipeg's downtown, its new arena and general well-being with regards to keeping youth here stems on the RETURN OF THE WINNIPEG JETS! 15,000 people coming and going, 42 nights a year will spawn the growth that is needed downtown. The Manitoba Moose will not.

We need a real tenant in the True North Centre. The NHL needs a fan base again.

With a looming Collective Bargaining Agreement lockout we can expect major changes in the NHL and a need for it to return the game to real fans and not to un-interested hockey "markets" down south.

This CAN happen with some vision and persistence.

Check out for more information regarding the Return Of The Jets campaign happening in Winnipeg right now! Since June of 2003, the campaign has received much media attention on radio and television, and in magazine and newspaper outlets. This is only the beginning!

Please sign the petition to bring our Jets home to Winnipeg and our brand new 15,000 seat state-of-the-art arena.