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Dear ABC Networks,

We are avid viewers of Who's the Boss? and would like to see Who's the Boss? reunion sometime soon. Recent reunion movies for series such as Growing Pains and The Facts of Life have proven that people are interested in revisiting their favorite old television shows and we, the fans of Who's the Boss?, would like to see a reunion for Who's the Boss? Also in the works is a reunion for The Cosby Show, which aired during the same years that Who's the Boss? did.

In a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, the following was stated: "Now the folks behind ''Who's the Boss?'' are talking about a reunion movie for ABC, though Tony Danza says he'd prefer it to feature a half hour of behind-the-scenes footage that leads into a 30 minute reunion episode. ''We did 199 episodes, so this would be the 200th episode and it would be like a fantasy camp,'' says Danza. ''Everybody's still around, and I think everybody wants to do it. Even maybe Alyssa Milano.''"

Also, in a recent issue of USA Weekend, it was stated that "Danza's production company has been approached about a reunion show, but there's no deal so far..." These articles prove that even the whole cast may interested in participating in the reunion movie.

Please take our request into consideration. We would love to see a Who's the Boss? reunion in the near future. For proof that there are still many fans (new and old) of Who's the Boss?, please visit my Web site, The Who's the Boss? Resource, at http://www.wtbr.com.
Thank You,
Jason Cale
-Owner of The Who's the Boss? Resource-