Petition against the actions of Ian Roberts and Geoff Moss concerning the leasing and ownership of the Racecourse Ground

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    All national / local government agencies and representatives. Also all wrexham FC and sports fans
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Today's Leader [3rd January 2011] carries an article with the headline 'Chairman's plan to lease out Racecourse Ground to both clubs' which goes on to says that Wrexham FC and Crusaders RL will have to share the cost of
running the Racecourse Ground which is 300,000 a year.

As you know, Wrexham Football Club (2006) Ltd. owns the Racecourse Ground so how are Messrs. Moss and Roberts allowed to transfer the ownership of the Racecourse Ground to a new holding company?

According to Wrexham FC's last set of published accounts, the football club is losing around 30,000 per week and it is now being asked to pay 3,000 per week to play at it's own ground. I can now see one of two things happening.

Wrexham FC gets further into debt, goes into administration, gets thrown out of the Conference Premier and has no ground to play at which means the end of Wrexham FC as we know it.

The other scenario is that Wrexham FC can't afford to pay the terms of the lease to play at the Racecourse Ground and end up being evicted and having to find another ground to rent and play at.

Neither of these scenarios can EVER be allowed to happen, please can you do everything in your power to stop this from happening. We have fought to stop this happening in the past and we will fight to stop it happening again if needs be.