Stop ILLEGAL immigration

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Thank you for your precious time to read and join American Citizens across this great Nation. The goal of this petition is to TAKE BACK AMERICA by STOPPING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. I hope you will read it and sign the Petition.

If you are a member of a Grass Roots or Main Stream group fighting ILLEGAL Immigration, you have taken the first important step ! Its important to get up to date information since some news agencies try to be politically correct and you miss important Illegal Immigration news.

If you want to join a great Grass Roots Organization check out : OR [email protected] Great group of people with some high profile people to help you with just about any question you may have. Find out whats going on, locations, boycotts, petitions and more. Post your own ideas or comments right here. Some of the BEST Patriots I know are here. Admission is FREE and OPEN. We are NON-racist and welcome controlled levels of LEGAL immigration. We are Patriots that want to protect American Citizens in every State in the Union. We need Patriots like you to help.

Want to Check out a Main Stream Group ? Check out or or or or These groups have a wealth of information and links to other sites across the USA. Some will even send your faxes to congress for you on VERY easy to use Smart Web Sites

Are you a Leader of a group ? Owner of a group ? Moderator of a Group ? American Politician ? Would you like to work with other groups ACROSS the NATION. Make your email petition or boycott from a few dozen to tens of thousands by working as a focuses Army of American Patriots. These sites are newly forming after the closing of a recent popular one because it was felt to be a threat to the Pro-Illegal Immigrant supporters. These groups WILL NOT take AWAY ANY members from ANYONES group. Each Leader in this group are EQUAL. These are Meeting Place for LEADERS to Design Successful and Strategic campaigns. YOU remain in YOUR group as their leaders. This is simply a site for LEADERS to meet and get ideas in how to use our combined numbers to make our voice heard.
[email protected]

If you have ANY questions or concerns feel free to email [email protected]

How does this Petition Work ?

(1)By signing this petition you are saying as a Tax Paying, American Citizen of the United States of America you are Fed up with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.
(2)By signing this you are saying you object to 15-20 Million ILLEGAL immigrants getting Amnesty to Back Door Citizenship.
(3)By signing this petition you are saying you object to these 15-20 Million ILLEGAL immigrants bringing in another 30-45 Million family members when they get their back door citizenship under reunification programs.
(4)By signing this you are saying you are fed up with big business like Miller Brewing company , Six Flags Maryland, La Raza, CASA de Maryland and other groups assisting ILLEGAL immigrants.
(5)By signing this you are saying that you know about the so called Last Amnesty program of 1986 and you will NOT be fooled again, no matter what this Amnesty program may be called.
(6)By signing this petition you are saying that Americans should NOT be forced to speak a foreign language to live and get ANY job in America and that English MUST be the ONE AND ONLY legal and official language in America.
(7)By signing this petition you are saying that you demand that local, State and Federal agencies arrest ILLEGAL Immigrants according to the current laws that have been ignored.
(8)By signing this you are saying you are fed up with ILLEGAL immigrants obtaining TAX paid benefits and drivers licenses ( or certificates of ANY type ).
(9)By signing this you are saying you are fed up with ILLEGAL immigrants getting US jobs, lowering American wages and not paying taxes.
(10)By signing this you are saying that you are fed up with a crime wave sweeping the country with 50\% of street gangs being ILLEGAL immigrants, over 25\% of our worst Federal Prisoners being citizens of OTHER countries.
(11)By signing this you are fed up with Politician who put Loop Holes in our Bills, Laws and legislation with the full intention of making it easier on those who are ILLEGALLY in the USA. You also plan on voting out ANY and ALL Politicians that assist ILLEGAL immigrants regardless of party line.
(12)By signing this you are saying you are fed up with the Anchor Baby loop holes and abuse of the 14th Amendment that is used by ILLEGAL immigrants to circumvent immigration laws. Currently 1 in 10 births in America are to those of ILLEGAL immigrants who use these babies to gain benefits and Anchor themselves in America. Very popular with ILLEGAL immigrants.
(13)By signing this you are saying you are fed up with the poorly built and poorly maintained border fence and the lack of enough persons to properly protect American citizens from foreign nationals who use these borders to traffic drugs, crime, human transport and other illegal behavior that hurts American citizens.
(14)By signing this you are saying you are fed up with the Tax breaks given to groups who support ILLEGAL immigrants currently in America including but not limited to: La Raza ( The Race ) and CASA de Maryland.
(15)By signing this you are saying that you will NEVER again be fooled by Politicians who attempt to assist ILLEGAL immigrants. You believe that it is NOT fair that many many more who are waiting LEGALLY must wait out side the USA because they are playing by the rules, while those who crossed ILLEGALLY are demanding a Special Deal for them to stay INSIDE America through illegal behavior.
(16)By signing this you feel that ANYONE who enters ILLEGALLY should be banned from ANY future Amnesty or Citizenship because you know this encourages more ILLEGAL immigrants to ILLEGALLY cross into the USA.

Together we can take back America but we need your help. Every single American that joins can help make history and make your childrens future safer and prosperous. America simply cannot take on over a million plus ILLEGAL immigrants a year ( this does not count the ones that enter LEGALLY ) Our population growth is curving at a dangerous rate and by being politically correct we may be ignoring the destruction of America. Please, help us to STOP ILLEGAL immigration before its too late and Americans will lose their ability to stop it at all.

Again, hope you will also visit some of the great Patriotic sites listed above......