Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 2.3 (Android Gingerbread) update

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    Sony Ericsson
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We would like to suggest a path for the future development of the Sony Ericsson (XPERIA X8, XPERIA X8i, XPERIA Shakira, E15, E15i )

Most modern products of the XPERIA line currently working on 2.1, and many of them have received the new software OS 2.2 or 2.3. And We hope that this update will be available to us, since XPERIA X8 has a wide audience of users.

The hardware specification of the X8 line are impress by their abilities. Sadly, the hardware is extremely limited by the software, preventing us users from being able to utilise the full capacity of your device. Furthermore we are unable to make most of the applications available to Android users, since the minimum requirement for many applications is version 2.1. But the main minus 2.1 is installing an application only in phone memory, which in this model is not so much. And please add the new firmware support dual-touch or multi-touch.

We as the consumer would like to request the new Android OS version 2.3 to be implemented instead of the 2.1.
We believe it would serve Sony Ericsson's interest as well.
We hope for your understanding!
Thank you!