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    Zecco Trading Inc.
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The trading community at loves the company and continues to use their services because it is known as "the free trading community." Unfortunately, Zecco Trading Inc. is planning on changing their policies as of January 1st, 2008 to allow only members with over $2,500 in holdings to be given $0 commission on only 10 trades per month. The reason we joined Zecco in the first place was because the majority of us are "small time" investors trying to make a few extra bucks. With this new policy of only 10 free trades a month for only those with $2,500 or more in holdings has effectively alienated many of us and made your slogan, "the free trading community" into a laughable gimmick simply to attract a few naive customers. We request that you seriously re-think your decision to change policies in January and realize that many of us will leave because of the severely limited "free" trading and higher rates.