Save the USPS International Surface Mail Service for Humanitarian Projects

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On May 14, 2007 the USPS eliminated International Surface Mail which was used by many organizations and individuals to support meaningful, humanitarian projects around the world. I ask for your assistance to rectify this situation.

Many non-profit organizations, faith communities, schools and individuals used this method to ship books, professional journals and other educational materials to nations in need, expanding educational opportunities for thousands of students around the world. Now, the only postal option in reaching these communities is by airmail, which in most casts has tripled and even quadrupled the cost of shipping these vital materials.

These classroom, book and library projects have an important role in uplifting communities and supporting the education and advancement of young people. At a time when we should be taking advantage of every opportunity to connect with other nations in friendship, goodwill and positive collaboration, I am concerned these recent changes in overseas shipping rates will have damaging if not devastating impacts on many global service initiatives.

A one size fits all approach for overseas shipping is shortsighted and misguided. It is my hope that you can take action to reverse this recent change so the many good works of many American volunteer organizations can continue.