Remington & Outdoor Life Boycott to Dump Zumbo

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In light of the editorial stance of Outdoor Life magazine contributing editor Jim Zumbo's anti gun stance against a certain class of firearms and labeling them as terrorist weapons on his blog hosted by was a obvious attack against the civil right of choice of a individual's right to keep and bear arms.

The following signers of this petition call for a immediate boycott of all contributing sponsor's to any editorials of Jim Zumbo either in print or online.

For to immediately cancel Jim Zumbo's blog and any other connection with him.

Further more, we demand that Outdoor life magazine terminate any editorial agreements with Jim Zumbo.

And we will continue to boycott all party's, manufacturer's, publications, sponsors until Jim Zumbo is terminated.

Link's to Jim Zumbo's Comments:
Jim Zumbo's incredibly antigun attack against the 2nd Amendment.

Jim Zumbo's self serving attempt to apologize.